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  • The wines go really well with food and the sparkling ones are great for joining in with celebrations. 
  • They are great if you are taking a complete break from drinking,  pregnant or simply wanting to adapt to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Vegan Products available. 
  • Non - Alcoholic wine feels so grown up. You are drinking out of a wine glass so it makes you feel like you are joining in with the party.
  •  Personally tried and chosen for the quality and stunning tastes.
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About Clarity Wines

The non-alcoholic wine industry is booming, growth is predicted to rise disproportionally and by 2028 it is predicted to be a massive global market. With
this in mind, winemakers have stepped up their game and are perfecting the extra process of extracting the alcohol as all non-alcoholic wines once contained alcohol. This has resulted in really good palatable alternatives to alcoholic wine.

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